Mountain Hikes & Trails

Apart from showcasing its most visible natural resources, like its mountains and game reserves, Tanzania also boasts of rivers and some of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth. Capture footage of these roaring cascades of water and you’re sure to store memories of a lifetime. The country also offers plenty of activities around these waterfalls that include hiking and trekking.

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Mount Meru Waterfall Hike

No visit to Arusha is complete without a Mt. Meru waterfall hike! During this full day excursion, your guide will lead you through a number of small agricultural villages with lush landscapes, where the locals sell a variety of goods such as coffee, maize, bananas and other types of fruits and vegetables.

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Materuni Waterfall hike

Materuni is the home of the Chagga tribe and is still an authentic tribal village. This charming place is just 15km away from Moshi Town and is the last village before the Kilimanjaro National Park

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Chemka hotsprings hike

The hot springs of Kikuletwa, also known as Chemka Hot Springs, are close to the village of Rundugai and are one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania to relax.

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Napuru waterfall hike

A beautiful waterfall on the slopes of mount Meru, that normally requires a short walk to get to. It is part of the early stages of the Themi river, that flows through Arusha's city centre and into its southern outskirts.


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