Wildlife Safari

Tanzania is home to the best safaris in Africa and spending time with that hippopotamus in its murky waterways or the wildebeests in its plains, leaves you awe-struck with the true beauty of nature. Sluggish crocodiles lay hungry eyes on you and the regal lion tries to get a whiff of its newest prey. Chimpanzees accompany you along your journey to keep you company and the odd elephant goes around its seasonal migration route without a care in the world. That’s the reason why African tourism thrived. After all, the experience that these Tanzania Safari Tour Packages have to offer, merely cannot be put down in words. you need to visit Tanzania, for it has the maximum concentration of wildlife in the entire continent.
It is also possible to completely customise your tour according to your own wishes so you can experience a carefree holiday. You can decide which national parks you would like to visit for a safari, the accommodations you would like to stay, the duration of each stay and on which date you would like to start your trip.Travel with Kate Safari & Tours and experience the ultimate adventure holiday!